First, I believe there is no perfect plan, only the perfect plan for YOU. Every setback you have can teach you something. When I was 15 years old…my sister had been diagnosed with anorexia, a severe eating disorder. There was a point where I saw her fake the weigh in tests that were done medically to see if she was improving. She would go to the fishing store and get fishing weights to fake the weigh ins… During this time, it was painstakingly clear how important lifestyle based eating approaches could literally SAVE someone’s life. The people I know who are in the greatest shape aren’t perfect. They’re just relentless about picking themselves up after they fall, and have a PLAN that works for THEM as an individual.

✅ Second, I believe fitness is a lot more enjoyable when it comes from a place of self-love rather than self-loathing. Seeing one of my family members destroy their health through anorexia made this super clear… you have to love yourself enough to help yourself. If you love someone, wouldn’t you do everything you can for them? It’s the same thing with fitness. When you love yourself, you’ll make sacrifices to ensure your body and mind are cared for.

✅ Third, I believe momentum generates motivation. Ever not wanted to workout… but once you got started, you couldn’t stop? It’s true in almost all areas of life. The hardest part of oftentimes getting started. If you just commit to taking the first step… the rest often takes care of itself.

🔥 Fourth, I believe that sometimes moving forward means taking what appears to be a step back. This is something called the “Slingshot Effect.” In order to make a muscle stronger, you must first make it weaker through resistance training. In the same way, sometimes you must invest money, time, and energy now to get more money, time, and energy down the road.

🔥 Fifth, I believe the environment is stronger than willpower. What do many of the times you were highly successful have in common?

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