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Fitness Trainer

Client Journals

Jenny client journal. She came to the Fitness Achievement Center to lose weight and feel healthier overall because her kids would watch her and she wanted to be a good example.

She was concerned about how to do exercises correctly so she didn’t get hurt and how to eat in a way where she didn’t get cravings all the time, we figured it would take a good 8 months to get where she wanted to be fitness and health wise. Lifestyle change! She looked up a personal weight loss trainer near me and found the Fitness Achievement Center.

Secondly, was assigned to Coach Alex, he did an intro Sacramento personal training session with her and made sure she felt comfortable with movements and with the gym environment. We started with a base meal template so she knew what foods would be most beneficial to choose from.

Next, started working out in group sessions along with the 1 on 1s and started to get the hang of workout structure. The first two weeks were focus on understanding how everything goes together and ensuring technique is perfect.

Like clockwork, weight loss started happening very consistently after she started counting the amount of grams of protein being consumed daily. She would text her protein to her personal coach daily to hold her accountable. Jenny has lost 17lbs in the past 6 weeks, and she is eating more than ever and able to have dessert two times per week, she is working out 4x per week and does personal training and group training. 

We want to give a shout out to Jenny as she continues her journey! Let’s go!

If you are reading this and need help in some coaching like Jenny. Reach out here and we can go over the strategy you should use.

Personal Trainer For Weightloss

Client Journals

Marisol came to us wanting to lose 75 lbs. She was doing cardio at home inconsistently due to work schedule. She wasn’t seeing results and this was causing her to be unmotivated and feel out of touch with her previous in shape self. She had a cruise coming up and she wanted to feel comfortable in her one piece bathing suit when she was on vacation.

Her “why” boiled down to feeling confident in her favorite clothes again and feeling comfortable in pictures. At the time she avoided all pictures due to lack of confidence.

Fitness Achievement Center experience:

Marisol started our Level 1 meal plan and dropped 20.6 lbs in the first 56 days. She started Small Group Personal training with Coach Dominic and 4 other ladies of similar goals. She learned how to do correct weightlifting and strengthen her core and low back. We went onto a level 2 meal plan and she was able to drop another 35.7 lbs in about 72 more days while NOT being perfect. She would have alcohol here and there, but for the most part stayed on track. Every week she would workout 3x a week at the Fitness Achievement Center and walk on days when she wasn’t in our gym.

Currently, she is Nearly 57 lbs down, still working towards the 75 lbs goal. We are confident we will get there by the end of the year. She went on her cruis AND wore her bathing suit. She even worked out a couple times on the cruise! We are super proud of her and her new identity of a healthy person with a lifestyle of fitness!

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