🍑 We Love Big Butts and We Can’t Deny 🍑

​We believe that one thing the world really needs is bigger, rounder, firmer booties! In fact, we think many of the world’s problems could be solved with the right kind of junk in the trunk. That’s why we’ve created the Rump Shakin’ Booty Building BootCamp!

​ As the “Butt Whisperer” and “Booty Buddha,” we have mastered the art of building booties that will make you want to shake your rump to all your favorite base bumpin’ beats. Our program targets the glutes with a mix of fat burning, waist slimming, and booty bouncing exercises to lift and firm your booty.

Don’t neglect your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus – invest in a bigger, stronger booty today! Not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also be bringing the right kind of buns to those summertime BBQs. Don’t wait – spots in our Rump Shakin’ Booty Building BootCamp will go fast!

Message us if you’re ready to join us ASAP. We’ll have 4 session times available, so don’t miss out.

Sincerely, “The Booty Whisperer” AKA “Booty Buddha”

​PS – Don’t forget to invest in a soft toilet seat (on sale at Lowe’s for $9.95) before starting our program. Your glutes will be targeted for an entire hour, so you’ll want to be comfortable!

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