Here is some info on your during race Carbohydrate Consumption!

Do you have a local fun run coming up?

Maybe a 10 K or a half marathon?

Or do you have an endurance sporting event lasting more than 45 minutes?

Here are some nutrition tips for race carb consumption:

  1. Carbohydrate feeding during exercise prevents a drop in blood glucose better known as blood sugar. In studies where participants exercised to exhaustion, they were able to continue again after consuming carbohydrates.
  2. Carbohydrate consumption positively effects Motor Skills. In a two hour tennis match, studies show that consuming carbohydrate, during competition bouts, will improve the ability of fast running speed , rapid movement, and explosiveness.

How can you incorporate this into your training?

In an 80 minute period of exercise you can consume:

As a warning, solid foods can effect gastric emptying due to the fiber and solid material. Liquids might be the best bet to get the nutrients into your small intestine (where you absorb everything) the quickest. An important thing to remember! If the food has not made it to your intestines, your body is not able to use it for energy!

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