Introducing The Yellow Zone Effect: EPOC
EPOC refers to the elevation in metabolism (rate that calories are burned) after an exercise session ends. Known as exercise post oxygen consumption. The increased metabolic rate is connected to elevated need for oxygen, which is required to help recover the body.

Most of our boxing and weight loss clients want to get in the most efficient work-out possible in the least amount of time possible.  Let’s face it, you have a life to live. High results with high efficiency. Get in the gym, get work done, and make those results happen.

We our Yellow Zone biofeedback trackers to track when we are in the Yellow Zone. When we are in the Yellow Zone. It creates the highest amount of EPOC effect, improving results from our workouts. Having the ability to judge work output in real time, it allows us to train smarter and get the BEST results.

The ultimate combo – super efficient cardiovascular training,  a fitness trainer to design you well developed strength programming,  and personalized nutrition = amazing transformations!

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