Expecting #1 Fitness: Finding the Right Pregnancy Personal Trainer Near You

Sacramento Pregnancy Personal Trainer

Starting off, let’s review the importance of maintaining fitness during pregnancy. 

Studies show that your childs IQ, lean mass increase, and overall recovery will be improved due to an exercising mommy. As long as you are working out and doing strength training safely, it’s a huge benefit for your child.

Benefits of working with a pregnancy personal trainer

When you are pregnant you want to be healthy and partake in safe activities. Exercise and group fitness classes can be inherently dangerous when you are pregnant, if you don’t know how to move safely. A pregnancy personal trainer will show you the correct technique and in group fitness classes a qualified and certified personal trainer will show you how to do exercises fit for your current level.

Understanding the Importance of Pregnancy Fitness

During the first trimester not many things will change with your activity, if you have already been working out you can do everything, but don’t push your limits in exercise. Think of going at 75% effort level.

As you move into the second trimester, same focus as before with not pushing yourself too hard, and avoiding exercises where you are lanying on you back and stomach ( no crunches for instance. Also, no bracing while holding your breath as you don’t want to drastically raise your blood pressure. A good idea would be to do standing abdominal exercises such as pallof band exercises.

More Benefits of exercising during pregnancy for both mother and baby

Personal training while pregnant will improve mood, metabolism, appetite, and sleep quality. All of these things will benefit the mother and baby. Mitigating risk of prenatal diabetes is a massive benefit because exercise is amazing for blood sugar regulation.

Why Choose a Pregnancy Personal Trainer?

You want to work with a personal trainer tailored exercise programs for each trimester to remain safe and someone who is familiar

with prenatal fitness and anatomy. Also, having emotional support and motivation during sessions will increase progress and safety as well.

How to Find the Right Pregnancy Personal Trainer Near You

When Researching local fitness centers and personal trainers these are the main steps.

First, you’ll want to make sure your trainer has extensive background in safety training all types of clients including prenatal clients. Ensure that they have an understanding of you going at your own pace. If you are doing a group fitness class, make sure that the instructor can still give you modifications and direction in a session.

Checking qualifications and certifications of the trainer which should include a bachelors or master’s degree in kinesiology or related field and or a National Academy of Sports medicine certification. Make sure you do a reading reviews and testimonials to see if other people have felt adjustments for their ability and health concerns in the past.

Schedule a consultation so you can get comfortable with staff and coaches and ask relevant questions regarding the above topics.

Cost and package options will normally be determined on a personalized scale especially for prenatal fitness. Warning! If they just lump you in with everyone else with not talking to you about your needs, they are likely not a good fit for your safety

Nutrition & Rest in Your Prenatal Personal Training Program

Make sure you are fueling your body with plenty of protein and carbs and fats, as well as taking prenatal vitamins. Discuss your workouts with your doctor as well to get cleared for exercise. Having a balanced plate of ½ protein ¼ carbs or fats and ¼ veggies is a good balanced start.

Make sure you are drinking water when you are thirsty and resting when you get fatigued. Always play it safe!

You Can Do it! Find A Sacramento Gym Near You! 

All you need to do is start a basic routine and you’ll be off to the races. If you need a prenatal personal trainer check out a personal trainer at the Fitness Achievement Center Click Here to Learn More.

You will have a special program designed just for you and your current situation. You will be a strong mommy with a healthy baby! You can do it! Recovery after having your baby, weight loss and fat loss will be improved because you started early!

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