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I was reading a news story yesterday about an unfortunate lady who received a butt implant procedure.  Let me warn you about glute implants, they can pop! Her glute implants exploded and caused extreme butt injury!  Needless to say, we can easily avoid these injuries by doing more squats and deadlifts. 🙂 Sign up with a personal training package to help you get best results instead of implants! 


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Truth be told… building a god like backside is a lot simpler than you think!
Using the secrets of top bodybuilders, weightlifters, and numerous others
who have bubble butts, hard butts and oh so strong rear ends, the butts are
attainable!! You want to listen to the people who have been there and done
that in regards to training the tush!!!
We will go over the major fallacies of actually
attaining a rock solid and astonishing tush!
Throughout this book, we will go over professional
butt builders and the strategies, exercises, nutrition,
and tips to ward off strangers who start to rudely
stare at their treasured booty (pirate pun

The buttocks consist of three major muscle
groups and is responsible for numerous very
important movements in daily life. You can’t
walk, sit down, or stand up without your “peaks
of power”. With this being said many of us are
using our glutes in this manner every day. This
means that just walking or standing up squatting
without a load or doing leg lifts will not help
serious butt formation. Your body is already
taking thousands of steps per day while
shopping etc. so we need to do something more
drastic. These more dramatic steps will be
covered further in this book. 

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Workouts For A Better Butt & Training

The butt consists of the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. These
muscles are responsible for extending the hips and making the knee joint

Anytime you are doing glute exercises lock hips out to its full range of motion

All of your backside including the back

of the legs and back are involved. We call all of these muscles as a group
“the posterior chain” or the muscles of the entire back side, posterior.

There are two separate focuses in order to prepare
for the extreme and effective HYPER butt Sculpt
exercises. These are stretching and posterior chain
exercise. We will be doing exercises to strengthen
the entire backside not just one part in particular!!!

Personal Training Stretches 

We stretch in order to keep our knees safe and our
body feeling healthy, as well as improving our
recovery time between our kick a** training

With this being said, Remember!! Safety of our
joint structures should be the most important
aspect of our training because we want to
maintain pain free joints. With that being
said…Butt and leg muscular soreness is something
you just gotta deal with… 😉

If you have squatted before and developed knee
pain then you know exactly what I am talking
about and the reason for knee pain is not the squats, it’s the way you are
doing the squats!! This is good news because it’s an easy fix with some
practice!! And trust me…… we will be doing a lot of practice! 😉

We want to stretch and foam roll before every workout in order to speed
up our recovery. What is a foam roller? A foam roller is basically a tube of
solid foam which acts as an artificial deep tissue massage for your muscles.
Roll out all of the back side and the legs, including both the quads (front of
the legs) and backside. It is important to always stretch and foam roll both
sides of the walking sticks in order to prevent injury!!


Jump Rope
Purpose: We will use 5 to 10 minutes of jump roping in order to raise the
core body temperature and prepare the muscles for work.
Description: Spin rope and jump

Rowing machine

Purpose: The rowing machine can be used as a substitute to the jump rope

5-10minutes in order to raise body temperature.
Description: Keep the chest up and back straight. Push with the legs and
pull with the arms.

Supine Hip extension:
Purpose: Activate the muscles of the posterior chain such as gluteus
muscles and hamstrings.
Description: With the knees bent, push the heels into the ground and raise
hips to full extension.

Quadruped Knee circles
Purpose: Warm-up up and activate all of the small hip muscles and the
Description: While positioned on the hands on knees aka quadruped
position draw a circle with your knee in both forward and backwards

Leg cradles
Purpose: Stretch the muscles of the glutes
Description: while walking forward, grab the shin with both hands and
pull upward for 2 seconds then release and continue with opposite leg.

Knee hug
Purpose: Stretch the hamstrings and the glutes
Description: While walking forward, pull the knee towards the chest and
hold for two seconds, release and repeat with the opposite leg.

Piriformis stretch
Purpose: Stretch out the piriformis muscle in order to avoid painful

Description: while placing a leg on a waist high object, put a medium

amount of downward pressure on the leg and hold for 15 seconds repeat
on opposite leg

Quad stretch
Purpose: Stretch the quadriceps muscles
Description: while walking forward, flex the leg behind you and pull your
shin with your hand, hold for a two count release and repeat with the
opposite leg.

Bird Dogs
Purpose: Warming up the nervous system and core musculature as well as
the entire posterior chain

Description: Starting off in quadruped position, extend both opposite arm
and opposite leg keeping shoulders aligned and back straight, hold for a
two count and repeat with opposite side

Sky divers
Purpose: Warm-up and activate the posterior chain
Description: While lying in prone position (on your stomach) raise your
arms above your head. Simultaneously lift your legs and arms like you are
skydiving, hold for a 3 count then release and repeat.

Strength Personal Training Exercises To Strengthen Lower Body

Back squat

Purpose: Strengthen the entire posterior chain and quadriceps
Description: Start with feet shoulder width apart. Feet should point out at a
slight 30 degree angle. Sit back onto your heels as if you are sitting on a
chair. After your thighs are below the crease of the hips, stand up and
squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement. Remember, during the
squat make sure the knees stay in line with the toes, never falling inward.
For example, imagine you have a rubber band around both of your knees
and the band is trying the pull you knees together. Keep the knees pushed
out against the imaginary band. Secondly, make sure the knees do not
move forward, over the toes. Always keep the knees directly in line with or
behind the toes.


Purpose: Strengthen the erector spinae muscles and all of the posterior
chain muscles
Description: Stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Push the hips back
and reach down and grab the bar. Keep the chest up (someone in front of
you should be able to see a logo on your shirt) and keep your armpit
muscles tight. Your armpit muscles or (latissimus dorsi) will help stabilize
your back as you lift the weight. In order to keep these muscles active,
imagine someone is trying to tickle you and you have to squeeze your
upper arm against your armpit. Use this technique to maintain tension in
the lats and to help keep the shoulders back. Lastly, keep the head neutral
and back flat and push the ground away from you. At the top of the
movement make sure to squeeze the glutes and keep the shoulders pulled


Purpose: Stretch and strengthen the posterior chain, specifically hamstrings.
Description: this movement will be similar to the deadlift except, you will
barely bend the knees while doing the regular deadlift motion. The
hamstrings should be stretched during the entire movement.

Weighted Hip Extension

Purpose: Strength the glutes and posterior extensor muscles
Description: While in supine position (lying on the back) or with shoulders
elevated on a bench, have the knees bent, drive the heels into the ground
and push your hips off the floor while simultaneously squeezing the glutes
at the top of the movement. Remember, keep the heels driven into the
ground and DO NOT push through the toes.

Weighted Lunges

Purpose: Strengthen the legs in a unilateral or one sided movement in
order to increase strength, balance and, core stability.
Description: During the lunge, keep the chest up and shoulders back. Step
forward and keep the forward knee behind the toe. The back knee should
be about 3 inches off the ground but it should not touch. Remember,
similar to squats keep the forward knee behind the toe, there should be a
perpendicular angle between the forward shin and the ground.

Jump Squats

Purpose: Build explosive power in the lower extremities!!
Description: Squatting down with proper form, jump and swing your arms
above your head to generate momentum. When landing, make sure to land
quietly and softly to avoid any joint pain.

Lunge Jumps

Purpose: Build explosive power and awesome glutes!!
Description: Start at the bottom of a lunge, jump out of the lunge and
switch feet position. Land softly and keep the forward knee behind the toe.

Towel Slider leg Curls

Purpose: Increase the strength of the hamstrings
Description: While in supine position, position the feet on a towel while on
a slippery surface on which the towel will slide easily. Push the hips up
and extend and flex the knees. During the slide there should be now bend
in the hips.

Split Squat with rear foot elevated

Purpose: increase unilateral strength in the posterior chain and build
balance and coordination.
Description: Elevate the back foot on a knee high object; lunge down until
the back knee is almost touching the floor. Remember always keep the
forward knee perpendicular to the ground.

Stair Sprints

Purpose: Build up an awesome butt and cardiovascular system
Description: Run up stairs!! When descending the stairs land soft and
under control.

Weighted Step-ups

Purpose: Increase unilateral strength of the posterior chain
Description: Step-up onto a knee height objects and step off under control.
Maintain a perpendicular shin angle with the object stepped upon. Keep
the knee behind he toes.

Warm-up Sets/ Reps/ Time Exercise 

1×5 minutes 

Foam Roll 1×5 minutes 

Jump Rope 33 

1×5 each Leg Birddogs

 1×5 each leg Knee circles

 1×10 Supine Hip Extension

 1×5 each leg Leg Cradles

 1×5 each leg Knee Hugs 

1×5 each leg Quad Stretch

 1×10 Sky Divers

 1×30 sec each leg Piriformis Stretch

 Feel free to use the same warm-up every time your train. 

You can mix up the jump rope with foam rolling if needed. 

Week 1 Exercises Sets/Reps/Time 


Bodyweight squat 6×10 

34 Bodyweight Lunges 

4×10 each leg 

Hip Extensions 5×20 

Work-out B 

Barbell Back squats 6×8 

Dumbbell Lunges 4×8 each leg 

Weighted Hip extensions 3×12 

Work-out C 

Dumbbell RDLs 4×12 

Weighted Step-ups 3×10 each leg

 Split Squats 3×8 each leg

 Week 2 Exercises Sets/Reps/Time

 Work-out A 

Bodyweight squat 4×25 

Bodyweight Lunges 3×20 each leg

 Leg Slider Curls 4×10 

Work-out B 

Barbell Back squats 5×6 heavier than last

 week Dumb-bell Lunges 4×8 heavier than last week

 Weighted Hip extensions 3×12 heavier than last week

 Work-out C 

Dumb-bell RDLs 4×12 heavier than last week

 Weighted Stepups 3×10 each leg heavier than last week

 Split Squats 3×8 each leg heavier than last week

 Week 3 Exercises Sets/Reps/Time


Back squat 5×5

 Dumbbell Lunges 3×12 each leg

 Leg Slider Curls 4×10

 Dumb-bell RDLs 3×8

 Stair sprints 15x1x20seconds Rest 30 seconds between rounds

 Work-out B 

Barbell Deadlifts 3×10

 light Split squats 4×8 heavier than last week 

Weighted Hip extensions 3×12 heavier than last week

 Work-out C 

Jump squats 1×12 each leg

 Repeat this workout for 5 Rounds

 Lunge Jumps 1×10 each leg

 Jumping Jacks 1×30 

Week 4 Exercises Sets/Reps/Time

 Work-out A 

Back squat 5×5 heavier than last week

 Dumb-bell Lunges 3×12 each leg heavier than last week

 Leg Slider Curls 4×10

 Dumb-bell RDLs 3×8 heavier than last week 

Stair sprints or Hill sprints longer distance 8x1x30 seconds

 Work-out B 

Barbell Deadlifts 5×6 heavier than last week

 Split squats 4×6 heavier than last week

 Weighted Hip extensions 3×10 heavier than last week 

Work-out C 

Jump squats 1×20 

Repeat this workout for 4 Rounds 

Lunge Jumps 1×15 each leg 

Jumping Jacks 1×50 

Jump rope 1×30 seconds

 Week 5 Exercises Sets/Reps/Time 


Back squat 5×3 heavier than last week 

Dumbbell Split Squat 3×12 each leg heavier than last week

 Dumb-bell Stepups 3×10 each leg heavier than last week 

Dumb-bell RDLs 5×6 heavier than last week

 Jump Squats 4×15 

Jumping Jacks 4×50 Row/ JR 500 meters or Jump Rope 3 minutes 


Barbell Deadlifts 4×5 heavier than last week

 Split squats 4×5 heavier than last week 

Stair Sprints 10x1x 30seconds 

Work-out C 

Jump rope 1×100 spins Repeat this workout for 3 Rounds

 Dumb-bell Lunge Jumps 1×8 each leg 

Jumping Jacks 1×30 

DB Squat Jumps 1x10seconds 

Week 6 Exercises Sets/Reps/Time 

 Work-out A 

Back squat 3×3 heavier than last week

 Dumbbell Split Squat 3×6 each leg heavier than last week

 Dumb-bell Step-ups 3×6 each leg heavier than last week

 Dumbell RDLs 4×6 heavier than last week 

DB ( Dumbbell)Jump Squats 3×15

 Jumping Jacks 3×75 Row/ JR 1000 meters or Jump Rope 5 minutes

 Stair Sprints Skip multiple steps 1x5x 1 minute

 Work-out B 

Barbell Deadlifts 6×3 heavier than last week 

Split squats 5×5 heavier than last week

 Weighted Hip extensions 5×6 heavier than last week 

Work-out C

 Jump rope 1×150 spins 

Repeat this workout for 3 Rounds 

Dumb-bell Lunge Jumps 1×15 each leg

 Jumping Jacks 1×100

 DB Squat Jumps 1×20

 DB Step-ups 1×10 each leg

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